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Troop 105 Rock Hopping Patrols

On a sunny Saturday in February 2003 ten scouts and two scouters climbed the Mission Canyon Creek to Seven Falls.
This was no ordinary hike because the group rarely set foot on flat trail (except for the access road).      
  The group tested their balance by hopping from rock to rock and by climbing steep rock walls. We practiced our bowline knot and our belaying skills under the direction of our Patrol Leaders James Short and Trevor Scoggins.
For lunch the two "Rock Hopping" Patrols cooked on backpack stoves and participated in a "Trail Dessert" competition. Two scouts tied for first; Charlie with his "Melted Chocolate Dehydrated Apple Dip", and Joe with his "All My Troubles in One Pot", Chocolate Poptart and Banana Mush.
Along the way we picked-up all the trash we saw. We collected a full set of clothing including boxer shorts and sunglasses. We figured that there must be a naked hiker roaming about but we didnt see him.  
Join us on the next hike in the mountains of Los Padres for a scouting experience filled with fun and laughter.