Scouts BSA Troop 105 - Goleta, California
  August 14, 2019
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Upcoming Events

August 21st
Troop Meeting
Troop Elections

August 20th
Music in the Ranch

August 17th
Stow House Parking

  • SPL Paolo G.
  • ASPL Jacob V.
  • Historian
    Jacob V.
  • Scribe Aaron B.
  • Quartermaster
    Tristan V.
  • Librarian Eddie D.
  • Guide Jacob V.
  • OA Rep Jacob V.
  • Webmaster Will F.


Troop 105 is based in Goleta, California. We were founded in 1967 and have provided the scouting experience to our boys for over 50 years. We belong to the South Coast District of the Los Padres Council. Our monthly program includes weekly meetings and monthly outings. We participate in the annual district Camporee and attend a week long summer camp. We also perform service for our community and our sponsor, St. Raphael School, St. Raphael Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus.

Scouting is a program that builds character, leadership, and values through fun, friendship, skills' instruction, competition, and service.

Troop 105 Patrol Members

Diurnal Library

"Shh... no yelling in the Diurnal Library!"

Aaron B.
Jacob V.
Eddie D.
Tommy F.
Liam F.
Charlie F.
Will F.
Tristan V.
Paolo G.

Come join us! See the calendar pages for latest information.Troop 105 meets every Wednesday (except holidays and special events, see calendar) at 7:00 PM.
We meet in the Multi-purpose Room at the Parish Community
Center of St. Raphael Catholic Church at 5444 Hollister Avenue

Questions? E-mail us for more information:

Program (people who work with the boys)
Boys should attempt to contact the youth leaders first. Contact the Scoutmaster if you get no response from the appropriate youth leader.
Committee (parents who guide the troop)
Adults should contact these addresses first, for Troop business functions, or the Scoutmaster, for program questions.
Has your son tried contacting his Senior Patrol Leader, first?
Youth - these links are for the convenience of
boy members of the troop.
Adults should contact adult leaders.
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Journey to Excellence 2013 Gold Award Winner

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